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TSA Sucks, may have cost Horton his day with The Cup [UPDATED]

We woke up to see these tweets from Nathan Horton’s wife, Tammy.

We instantly started filing a MISSING PERSONs report with the local PD as well as creating a sign to hang up on trees over lost cat pictures. We even woke Patrice Purrgeron up from his catnap to get into his detective outfit to find out what happened to the Stanley Cup. He was pissed.

In the middle of all this Tammy tweets that it wasn’t lost, it’s that TSA agents in Boston wanted to get their picture taken with the Stanley Cup, meaning the Cup and it’s lord protector missed their flight. Now Nathan Horton’s day with the Cup will be significantly shortened, if not missed all together because the Stanley Cup leaves for Czech Republic tomorrow. 

Just in case you didn’t need more of a reason to hate TSA, now you do.

Glad that instead of groping people and protecting us from would-be terrorists, TSA is taking time out of their workday to spend the day with the Stanely Cup… y’know, because the scored all those goals to help the Bruins win the Cup… ugh.

We can only assume TSA used the excuse that The Cup was too big to be considered a carry-on item. It also probably also set off the metal detectors.

Wonder what that X-Ray photo looks like.

Looks like there are some TSA Sucks t-shirts already out there. Have at thee, Bruins fans.

UPDATE 7/18:  Looks like fingers pointing at TSA were premature. From WEEI

Speaking with WEEI.com, a JetBlue representative explained that the Cup was scheduled to fly from Boston to Buffalo on an 8 a.m. flight. It was checked in seven minutes late, however, as its 7:37 a.m. check-in went past the 30-minute cutoff time. As a result, it missed its flight and had to take a later one. Massport told WEEI.com that after checking with both Logan Airport and the State Police, nothing was ever called in about the Stanley Cup being missing.
So we can blame the Cup handler for Nathan getting shafted.

TSA still sucks though.