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Tuukka Rask: the Dante Hicks of Goaltending

The end of 2013 hasn't been kind to Tuukka Rask. a 4-1 loss to Ottawa and then a 5-3 loss to the Islanders. Two crap team putting up eight goals (43 shots) on Rask. But don't call it a slump, though. Rask postgame:

"Did you see those goals [against Ottawa]? Yeah I didn’t blame myself for that game. I wasn’t even supposed to play that game. I totally forgot about that game and then tried to regroup today. “So I wouldn’t say I’m in a slump. You think so? Sure.”

I'm not even supposed to be here today!

Despite this slump… or whatver Tuukka wants to call it, his numbers are strong. Four shutouts (league lead), 1.99 GAA and .932 SV%. Losing Seidenberg is huge for Boston, and probably will effect Tuukka's play as well. And with no Tim Thomas or Khudobin to back Rask up, he's going to get the most starts in his NHL career this season. He's gotta keep his focus and Julien needs to better manage when to give Rask a day off… (i.e., when Svedberg didn't start against Ottawa, Julien should've started Johnson).

S/T to Joe Yerdon for nailing that Clerks reference first.