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Tuukka Rask Wants You… To Choose His Next Goalie Pads

Tuukka Rask earned himself a sweet new paycheck this offseason and with that means he's getting some new pads. But he doesn't want to choose which color combination. He wants the fans to do it.

From InGoal Mag:

Thanks to the magic of social media and the good folks at Vaughn Custom Sports, you can help choose the look of Rask’s next set. And while the differences, like the use of colour itself, in the five options, are subtle – Rask clearly wants to maintain the predominately (and dominant) mostly white trend of last season – the responsibility is still great.

So head on over to the Vaughn Facebook Page and vote for which of the five options you prefer by adding a “like” to the one you want Rask to wear, and piping up with the reasons why in the comment section below. But hurry, now that the NHL and NHL Players’ Association have finally agreed on the new pad height rules for next season, the big companies like Vaughn have already started cranking out new gear.

After the jump… your options….

Tuukka Rask pads

tuukka rask pads vaughn

vaughn tuukka rask goalie pads

Tuukka Rask Vaughn Goalie equipment

Tuukka Rask Goalie Equipment

Go to the Vaugh Custom Sports FB page to vote, if you care which white pads Rask wears this season.

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