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Tuukka Tantrams. BRUINS LOSE.

Well that was an awesome game ruined by a shootout. That was probably the best overall game the Bruins played all season. Great, great game to watch. Lots of action. Lots of back and forth play. Too bad these two teams don't play more. Pretty much what you'd expect in a game between two conference power houses.

Lots of hits, lots of great defensive play. That was just a fun game to watch. Also LOVED that the refs pretty much just let them play before calling a couple of late penalties on each side.

Bruins came out swining in the first and were all over Halak. A little target practice would've helped but they were beastly. Unfortunately David Backes is super awesome. Dammit.

– What an incredible pass by Krug to set up Campbell's goal. That was one hell of a shift by the Merlot Line anyway. Campbell buried the puck like Boychuk buries bodies. The goal was also Campbell's first of the season. Nice buddy!

– Someone nees to tell Paajarvi not to play on the train tracks. Ask Ryan Miller.

– Then someone tried to hit Lucic back. It ended poorly. Very poorly. Like any Buffalo Sabres game.

– Rask hates shootouts but at least we were treated to another hilarious Rask meltdown. Bad news though, the goal post is apparently pressing domestic assault charges against Tuukka.

– Carl Soderberg has been an absolute beast lately. BEAST. Seems like he's finally getting used to playing in the Bruins system and it's been a lot of fun to watch. And he scored another sweet, sweet goal. Our buddy Sean also tried to start a THANK YOU HANNU chant after the goal. Hilarious. HILARIOUS.

– Julien got caught smiling, but quickly remembered he HATES smiles. Hilarious.

– If Bergeron's stick work in the bedroom is anything like his stick work on the ice his wife must be a VERY happy lady.

– Kevan Miller had a pretty impressive debut. Julien obviously sheltered him a bit but he made a bunch of GREAT defensive plays and looked very confident. Great job buddy!

– The Bruins absolutely abused offensive beast Alex Steen. He never really got a good chance because the Bruins were all over him. Great game plan by the B's.

– Again, awesome came. Despite the loss, the Bruins basically said hey we're still a legit threat so suck it.

– The Blues first goal. 

Wasn't just Rask though. Everyone in a Bruins jersey just sat and watche the puck very slowly glide to the back of the net.

– Alex Steen and his sweet, sweet hands 😦

– Amercian hero David Backes and his stupid awesome screening. 😦 

– Bruins 3rd and 4th lines have pitched in more than the 1st and 2nd lines lately. It's great to have depth scoring, but it'd be nice if the top six would start to click again.

– Shootouts. And not because the Bruins lost. Even if they won, no game like this should ever end in a shootout.

– Speaking of shootouts… here's how Julien came up with his SO roster

– Greg trimmed his awesome, awesome beard 😦

– WHY GREG?!?! WHY!??!

– How awesome is the Merlot Line?

– What will Rask's alibi be when the cops find a dead body in the Bruins locker room?

– Your mouth? Shut it.