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Tyler Seguin to troll Toronto with Stanley Cup

News came out last month (we know we’re late… suck it) that Tyler Seguin plans on taking the Stanley Cup to Toronto for his day with the Cup.

We imagine it’s to rub it in the face of all the Maple Leaf fans.

You mad, Toronto?

Oh… Or to do this:

“I’m not sure exactly what he wants to do, but he wants to do something for the day related to the GTHL where he played pretty much all his minor hockey.

“He’d like any of the minor-hockey players who want to, to come out and meet Tyler and hang out. And he’d like to have a scrimmage with his buddies on the ice because now they’re like, ‘Okay, Seguin, we want to see if you’re really that good. Let’s play shinny. I want to play shinny for the Stanley Cup.’ I thought that sounded pretty cool. He’s says Dad can get on the ice too, so that will be fun to do.” — Tyler Seguin’s dad, Paul (TheStar.com)

 We like our idea better.