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Ugly game is ugly. BRUINS WIN!

Tuukka Rask said it best: 


That's the best way you can start describing these games, shitshows. Before I get into the actual hockey game, lets get the bullshit out of the way. 

What Shawn Thornton did was wrong and there is nothing you can do to convince me otherwise. I don't care if Brooks Orpik "had it coming" (which he didn't) or not. People believe that what Thornton did was okay because Orpik wouldn't fight Thornton, which apparently makes any act after dismissing an invitation to fight kosher. 

What Shawn Thornton did was inexcusable. There's no reason to grab a guy from behind, throw him to the ice and punch him in the face multiple times. 

"Well he was answering for James Neal's hit!" Wake up stupid. If he was answering for Neal's hit, he would go after Neal. Thornton lost his cool and wanted a piece of Orpik. Did he mean to knock him out? Nope, I don't believe so. That doesn't change what he did. 

Call me soft, call me a pussy, call me whatever you want, but if the roles were reversed and that was Craig Adams doing that to Dennis Seidenberg, we'd be calling for Craig Adams to get hung from the Tobin Bridge. I don't want to hear your fucking excuses because there aren't any. 

The same goes for the James Neal knee to the head. Neal intentionally kneed Marchand in the head. No ifs, ands or buts about it. There is nothing you can say to me, much like the Thornton incident, that would pursuade me otherwise. Neal knew exactly what he was doing and just because Brad Marchand played later that same night doesn't make in excusable. 

Here's what this all boils down to:

No NHL team is clean. There's no such thing as a clean team anymore due to the fact that teams employ players who are dirty. There is no level of dirty play. There's no "kind of dirty" or "a little dirty" or "super dirty" play, there's just dirty. What Shawn Thornton and James Neal did last night was dirty – straight up.

Also, can we stop using the term "classy" and "classless" to describe people, players, organizations and fanbases. Justin put it best:


You're not Ron Burgundy, stop using "Stay Classy".

Oh shit, there was a hockey game too. 

– Tuukka Rask man. Tuukka fucking Rask. That save on Crosby's breakaway.

Rask stood tall in net once again, other than him suffering from James Nealism. Seriously, does Neal have a book on Tuukka Rask that he's not sharing with the rest of the world? It seems everytime the Bruins and Penguins play, neal is sniping wristers past Rask. 

– Krejci had a quiet game until about a minute left in the period when he tied it up. 

People like to give Bergeron the credit of being the team's best forward, but i think David Krejci is quickly showing everyone that he's a number one center in the NHL. If Krejci ever goes down, this team is fucked. 

– Chara rang one off of the post before Krejci scored and I fifugred the game was over. The captain gets the last word on a snipe, beating MAF glove side. 

– Reilly Smith missed this wide open net. I mean, dude…


– The Bruins PK was god awful, but that's expected when the Pens were on 3, 4 and 5 minute power plays. 

– James Neal. James fucking Neal. Dude is becoming a Bruins killer. (Insert kneeing joke here). 

The hypocrisy within the Bruins, Penguins and every other fan base is incredible. Stop it, seriously. When Matt Cooke elbowed Marc Savard, Pens fans were okay with it and Bruins fans wanted Shawn Thornton to "jump Cooke and rip his fucking face off". 

Shawn Thornton jumps Brooks Orpik and Penguins fans are crying about how the Bruins instituted a dirty league, how their play apparently made the NHL a place of lawlessness and bloodlust. 

Bruins fans are stating that what Thornton did was okay because Orpik "didn't answer the bell". 


You all sound fucking stupid.