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Ultimate troll Mark Recchi still in Canada’s collective head

Dr. Mark Recchi
Mark Recchi was, is, and every will be a beast. A force of nature. He was trolling before trolling was a thing.

Last year he fucked with Montreal when he said Max Pacioretty embellished the hit he took from Zdeno Chara. Last December he also trolled the Penguins in a Pittsburgh alumni game by wearing a Bruins jersey. Then there was the finger incident with the Canucks. He’s been Rex Rolling the NHL for years and he really upped his troll game in his final few seasons (and into his retirement, it seems).

Well it looks like he’s still in the collective head of Canada, as proved by the following graphic and video.

Dr. Mark Recchi

Screencap via PuckDaddy.

Mark Recchi