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Using Social Media for Sports Journalists 101

The self-proclaimed superior main stream media (MSM) struck again today, getting duped by yet another fake twitter account. You’d think that after the trade deadline practical jokes, the revered memebers of MSM would learn a lesson and not report fake twitter accounts. 

You would think is as far as it goes.

My journalism teachers would’ve killed me if I ever did what some of these guys have done recently such as:

1) Use Twitter as a source
2) Not fact check the rumor/report myself
3) Report on the fake rumor and not cite the source

All of this has happened over at TSN recently. And it happened again today thanks to the fake handle @NHL_OiIers (that L is actually an i that looks like an l — font trick!) which said that Taylor Hall is out for the rest of the year with a tendon tear in his ankle. Darren Dreger got hit by the fake account:

So did Bob McKenzie.

A simple Journalism 101 class would’ve taught these pros where they went horribly wrong. This all stems with reporters wanting to be first instead of right. We saw this go down when Pat Burns allegedly died last year but was still alive and kicking. It’s lazyness that the likes of McKenzie and Dreger are getting duped by what are obviously fake twitter accounts. 100% Grade-A lazyness.

But perhaps it’s a generational thing and their journalistic skills haven’t translated over into the new world of the Internet (it’s a series of tubes) and social media.

Have no fear! The Days of Y’Orr staff has created a Using Social Media for Sports Journalists 101 course for the ignorant. Today’s first lesson — how to properly follow the team’s official twitter handles. Think you’re ready? More after the jump.


Step 1
Turn on your computer.

Step 2
Go grab a cold, refreshing drink while your laptop loads its operating software.

Step 3
Log into the Internet. You do this by clicking a browser icon. Some of the most popular are FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorter (eck!)
Make sure you’re connected to the Internet. If you don’t know how to do this stop reading!!

Step 4
Decide which team handle you want to follow. Since DOY is a Boston Bruins blog we’ll go with them. Find their home page by:
                a) Search via engines (not car) like Yahoo! or Google and clicking the link
                b) Figuring out that the site is probably www.bostonbruins.com

Step 5
Use your eyes. Oh look! A simple scroll of your mouse brings you to the Bruins twitter widget!

Click the the words NHLBRUINS (or your team’s name). It’ll bring you to their official twitter account!!!

Step 6
Follow the twitter account. You can do this two ways:
           1) Hit “Follow”
           2) Create a “List” and adding them to that list

Step 7
Bask in your glory! You just did it! You found an official NHL team twitter handle!

Some tips:
* Traditional journalism skills carry over into this new fangle age of technology and the Internet. Right is better than first. Always fact check. And don’t be an assclown.
* If you write for a major sports network you might want to already be following every NHL team’s official twitter and maybe some of the players. If you’re a major sports reporter and you’re not already doing this then you have failed at the Internet, at your job and at life. Move over for someone who has brains.
* Finding a real player’s handle is a bit trickier. It’s an advanced skill that Dreger and McKenzie aren’t at yet. Don’t attempt it until you’ve mastered finding a team’s twitter account.

As for the Oilers. Their twitter link is even easier to find than Boston’s since there’s no need for scrolling on their official web site. 

This whole post took about 1,000,000,000x longer to write than it takes to actually find a team’s real twitter account. No more excuses. You RT a fake team account you’re an official twitter assclown. 

 You’re a pro; start acting like one.