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Vanek on the Bruins? It almost happened…


We know, we know. Who cares about Tyler Seguin anymore, right? But we always find these post-mortem trade talk stories really interesting because it's the ultimate armchair GM scenario.

Take in point this news item that came from The Buffalo News yesterday. According to multiple sources, the Bruins and Sabres were in talks about a Seguin-for-Vanek trade:

The Sabres and Bruins discussed a trade package that would have sent Vanek to Boston in exchange for center Tyler Seguin, multiple sources told The Buffalo News today. It's not clear why the talks, which took place at the June draft, didn't result in a deal, but it is known the Bruins were seeking another NHL-ready player off the Sabres' roster.

Why did it fall through? Most likely because it's hard to pull the trigger and send a franchise player to an interdivisional opponent, even if you're getting a guy like Thomas Vanek back. Also, trading a 20-something future star for a 30-something current star is always a debatable decision — again, more so when it's within your division. Though it's obvious that Boston doesn't have a ton of patience on grooming players in the NHL and are very much in the "win now" mode, a move like that sounds pretty believable. 

…Or maybe the Bruins just really hate scoring…

Vanek's an unreal offensive player, and he's a Bruins killer, so just to get him away from shooting on Boston is a win.

Also, love the "Bruins were seeking another NHL-ready player off the Sabres' roster" line because, seriously, all the Sabres had was Vanek and Miller.

Of course, Vanek turned down an extension with the Islanders…

S/T to Ian McLaren for tweeting the original story outhttps://twitter.com/iancmclaren