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VIDEO: Amateur hour at the Garden — Bruins fans do the wave

Dumb Boston Bruins fans do the wave at the Boston Garden

Something I’ve never seen at the Boston Garden and never hope to see again. —Teskick (youtube)

While Patrice Bergeron was playing the role of the Mad Hatter, scoring hat tricks, fans at the Boston Garden turned the night into amateur hour by starting the wave.

The fucking wave.

The Garden isn’t Fenway Park. Leave the cheesy baseball celebrations at Fenway, people. There’s no room for that shit at the Garden.

We’re not the only ones who think this.

We know the crowd was beyond giddy with Bergy bending the Senators over and the Bruins putting up six goals. But the wave? No. It’s pathetic. It’s an embarrassment. It’s something Sabres fans would probably do, so check it at the door. The wave sucks.

If you need more reason to not be a tool and not do the wave at a Bruins game here it is — people at Bieber and Jonas Bros. shows do the wave. (1) (2) (3)