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VIDEO: Andrew Ference helps raise money for You Can Play

Andrew Ference You Can Play Project
This morning we saw long-time DOY reader @lisa617 tweet a link of Andrew Ference and the You Can Play Project:

Ference continuing to be a beast and the Tea Party’s worst nightmare. Good video of the turnout he’s gotten for the asscrack of dawn stair workout, too. Also, we think Ference blinded us with those sneakers… holy cow. From the YCPP website:

Andrew had been Tweeting about the November Project, a group that does free, early morning workouts in Boston. Andrew had previously expressed his admiration for You Can Play when Vancouver Canucks players Manny Malhotra and Jason Garrison marched with You Can Play and the local gay hockey team in the August’s Vancouver Pride Parade.

Ference and the You Can Play Twitter followers raised more than $3,500.

Visit http://youcanplayproject.org to learn more about the You Can Play Project and how to get involved.