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VIDEO: Boston Bruins final day with the Stanley Cup

Yesterday marked the last day the Boston Bruins got to hang out with Mr. Lord Stanley’s Cup. What better way to send it off than a Patriots-Jets game

The Bs posed with the Cup and the three Lombardi Trophies the Pats have won.

Nice reach around up top.
They then went onto the field, took off their hockey unis to reveal Pats jersies with their names and numbers on them.

Team-wide jersey foul.

Horton also squirted some water at the 50-yard-line, a la Game 7 against the Canucks.


Few takeaways from this:

  • So the key to busting through I-93 is a police escort. Gotta remember that.
  • The Kraft-Bruins high-5s are pretty awkward.
  • All the arms-around shoulder, reach arounds, and that group jumping huddle is pretty brotastic, too. Chemisty, this team got it. The bromance is thick in this video. Love it.

We miss you already, Stanley Cup. See you in June!