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VIDEO: CSNNE looks to weed out the fraud Bruins fans from the real ones

Say what you will about Felger but Sticks N’ Stones had a fun feature recently where they interviewed “Bruins fans” to ask them basic questions like “Who’s the head coach?” “Who’s won more Stanley Cups — Boston or Montreal?” and simple “Which Bruins player is this?” Yea, this is a ripoff of “Ask a Pink Hat” but you get the nice visual image to add to your prejudice.

So, who’s a real fan and who’s a Bruins pink hat?

(Note: After the first ad plays you might have to hit play again for the video to work… no idea why but it’s happening to us)

Love the logic behind Felger’s choices.

To quote Joe Yeardon over at Pro Hockey Talk:

“I came down thinking the C’s were playing tonight… Oh well, whatever the B’s won too!”

These “fans” can now be branded.

Chances are if you’re reading this blog you’re not one of the pink hats. Don’t get too worried… unless you have no idea who Shawn Thornton is. Then we’re going fisticuffs.