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VIDEO: Marty Turco, Andrew Ference do some batting practice on the ice

Marty Turco and Andrew Ference play baseball
Great video captured by @WickedBruinsFan of Marty Turco and Andrew Ference doing a little batting practice on the ice after a recent practice.

Move over Baseketball, there’s a new sport in town… umm… ugh… Basecky… no, how about Hockball… nevermind.

Re: Ference nailing Turco with one pitch… this is exactly why hitters should be forced to wear less padding. Otherwise they crowd the plate, then get hit, get pissed and start a really embaressing bench clearing hugging match.

Note: Ference was actually shooting, not throwing, pucks from across the ice.

Here’s another angle from NESN.

Just some video to pick you up on a rainy Tuesday morning.