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VIDEO: Milan Lucic in the Aftermath of a Alleged Bar Altercation

So when you get your ass kicked in Vancouver 6-2, what do you do? What do you do? Cry about it? Nah man. You go out barhopping. 

Or so was Milan Luic's train of thought, apparently, which is fine unless and you possibly get into a fight (maybe?). Here's video of the aftermath of the altercation:

Hooray, drunks! Wonder who Lucic was with? Did Iggy bust another finger? Did Thornton punch someone while they were down? Did Marchand kiss his ring finger… again? These are some unanswered questions.

To the Internets for a quick respose of hiliarity…


Answer: Very.



Seriously, brosefs. Veritcal is shit. It's landscape or get the fuck out.