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VIDEO: No hearing for Malkin’s hit on Boychuk

This is at least a three gamer if a Bruin’s player threw the hit.

Shanahan continues to declare open season on the Boston Bruins. Only reason Boychuk got up from that hit without help is because he’s one tough mother fucker. Seriosuly, he’s probably banging Malkin’s mom right now.

Bruins also continue to not demand for suspensions and therefore don’t get any because that’s how the NHL Supplemental Disciplinary system works. You cry to mommy enough and shit happens. From CSNNE:

“It was Malkin with the hit. We’ll see. They’ll have to look at it. It was a hit from behind,” said Julien. “They’re the ones that make those decisions. We don’t like those hits. My job is tough enough as it is. I don’t want to do his because [Shanahan’s] job is tough as well. We’ll let him do his job and I’ll do mine. We’ll move on. You’ve just got to look at it that way. For different reasons they make their assessments and decide. We as coaches have to do our jobs and work with the guys we have. Worrying about [a Malkin suspension] is wasting a lot of time because it doesn’t change anything on our team.” 

“It was a good thing I was close to the boards or it could have been a lot worse. It was a foot away or two feet, so it wasn’t the head that hit the boards as much as my face part [that hit the boards],” said Boychuk. “It was one of those plays. I feel fine. It was a penalty. He got a penalty, so that’s the end of that.” 

Bruins taking the high road. Now we gotta hear what the deal is with Bergeron, McQuaid and Sauve.