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VIDEO: Real Men of Genius – Mark ‘The Recching Ball’ Recchi

You thought we were done bashing Montreal, didn’t you?

Wrong. Suckas.

Actually, we wanted this up on Friday but none of us could sing well enough, so we had to bring in ringer and DOY buddy John Borecki to save your ears.

Real Men of Genius from Days of Y’Orr on Vimeo.

We kinda want to end every post with “Suck our balls, Montreal.”

Update: We totally know it’s province but fucked it up anyways. Whoops!

After the jump… the script in case you don’t know what was being said (our recording equiptment is subpar, we know)


Days of Y’Orr presents “Real Men of Genius”

Real Men of Genius!

Today we salute you Mr. Mark “The Recching Ball” Recchi

Mr. Mark “The Recching Ball” Recchi!

Like the veteran stud you are, only you would have the guts to take heat off of someone who is 6’9″, 250lbs and with the ability to crack necks like Lawrence Taylor cracks hymens.

There goes Montreal’s virginity!

Like a cerebral assassin, a magician mindfuck, you Rickrolled an entire Canadian province. They called you “old and senile” but in the end you said “Hey shitheads, jokes on you.”

Sacre bleau!

Are you the biggest? No. Are you the toughest? No. Do you give a shit? Of course not. Your ploy stunned Montreal so well that they couldn’t even muster the courage to call 9-1-1

This is an emergency!

So pop open a nice bottle of fine wine Old Man Recchi, because it, like you, will only get better with age.

Mr. Mark “The Recching Ball” Recchi

Days of Y’orr, Boston Mass – Suck our balls, Montreal