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VIDEO: Watch Superheros and Villains play Street Hockey in Toronto


"We take hockey from the corrupt, and we give it back to you – the people!" –Bane

We love hockey. And we love comics. So we're kinda disappointed we weren't in Toronto for Superhero Hockey. But this looks like a lot of fun.

Video from the Sean Ward Show:

Few thoughts:

– Great impression by the Bane cosplyer.
– Loved that Commissioner Gordon was the ref.
– The Iron Man Maple Leaf might actually be better than the real Maple Leaf goalies. *sad trombone*
– Batman recovered from his fight with Bane in this game as he did in Dark Knight Rises
And how the hell did Rogue play hockey in heels? Damn…

After the jump… pics from the game…

Cosplay Batman at Toronto Superhero Hockey

Cosplay Batman and Bane face off with Commissioner Gordon at Toronto Superhero Hockey

Cosplay Rogue and Mystique at Toronto Superhero Hockey

Cosplay Rogue drains Bane at Superhero Hockey in Toronto
Does draining your oponent's energy count as a game misconduct?