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Wait… what’s the best NHL rivarly again?

We turned our computers on this morning and surfed to Boston.com’s Bruins section (as we are wont to do) and found this story.

Awesome! We didn’t know the Boston Bruins were facing the Montreal Canadiens on New Years. The Winter Classic two years in a row for the Bruins. Fantastic. We’re assuming it’ll take place up in Montreal. We wonder how all those Pittsburg Penguins and Washington Capital fans are taking it…

…wait, what? You mean the Pens and the Caps are playing in the next Winter Classic?

Not the Bruins or Habs?

Sooo…. you’re telling me the Pens and Caps is the NHL’s best rivalry?


Wow… well… that’s news to us.

We’ll acknowledge that Oviechicken vs. Bing Crosby is probably the best player v. player rivalry going on currently (if you can call a guy with an Olympic gold medal and Stanley Cup vs. a guy with early exits in both a rivarly), but on a team level not so much. Anytime Pens and Caps face each other it’s only about Ovie and Crosby, never about the teams. Compare that with the Bruins and Habs, where it’s all about the teams rivalry and history.

Also, Bruins/Habs rivalry go a lot further back then Pens/Caps. Just sayin’.

We know we’re preaching to the choir here. We suppose we’d expect more coming from Boston.com, even if they are just using an AP Article.



Skip towards the end for the…er… fight(?)

Case closed. The NHL (and the AP) have their head up their asses.