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EDIT:  Sooo we went to bed at 12:30 told Iginla was a Bruin. We wake up to a bunch of early April Fools jokes from Pens fans about Iginla going to Pitt or something…



Seriously… went to bed and Iggy was a Bruins. Wake up to the world ending outside. Gonna go jump off the Tobin. It's still cold enough that I'll die of hypothermia in like thirty seconds. If only there was a GIF that truly explains how I feel right now

Meanwhile Pens fans are like…

Gonna leave the original post 'cause it'll be funnier this way…

Original post:

Aaron Ward is reporting that Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla is now a Boston Bruins:


Word is Bruins gave up two eggs and a bag of flour for Iggy… or in modern speak Matt Bartkowski, Alex Khokhlachev & a 1st round pick.


What a fucking steal by Peter Chiarelli.

Somewhere Ray Sheero is like:

We talked about what Iginla could add to the Bruins in our DOYLive Pregame Show. We'll definitely be talking more about this over next two days.

TIme to get your jerseys:.

Image from @BloackGold_White