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Well that sucked… time to refocus

Tampa Bay noise makers
Too many things went wrong in Game 6.

* Boychuk broke our hearts instead of Tampa’s souls
* PP is still the PP (but hey they got one!)
* PK was horrible
* Kaberle is still Kaberle
* Thomas was off
* Etc., etc.

Sucks that Krejci’s hat trick got lost in all the muck.

Also, rookie move by Tampa fans chucking the Clappers onto the ice right after the game. One nailed Krejci right in the head; another almost boinked Roli. Good to know that chopbusting signs is not kosher with Tampa but throwing hard objects at players is.

Whatever. We’re over last night. It’s Boston’s way to make things harder than it needs to be. This city feeds off drama. Last night’s game doesn’t matter anymore. Only tomorrow night does.

Tampa must be feeling like Kobayashi right now — unbeatable. Game 7’s gonna be a lot like this, though.

In fact, bring out the fucking bear. Let Rene ride out on it. Have it sit between the Bruins and Lightning benches — it can take over for Pierre. It’ll probably have something more useful to say.

The play-by-play just might be as ridiculous as the video.

Go Bruins!