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What a Bruins food voucher really gets you


Bruins-Thrashers was my first live game of the season and as one who's usually stupid enough to buy food at the Garden concessions because I'm always hungry at the game, I was pretty stoked to get some food vouchers from the Bruins. Three food vouchers to use on a limited selection of food items. Damn. I figured it'd be crappy things like a pretzal or a candy bar. Nope. It was for legit food.

Then I started thinking that maybe something like a slice of pizza would cost me two vouchers 'cause it's supposed to be bigger. Kinda like when you're at a carnival and you pay $5 for 4 vouchers but everything is priced in threes so you're always left over with a shitty food voucher you give to some kid on the way out. This is what I expect from a Jeremy Jacobs run business.

I was wrong. I was so wrong. He's even more devious than I thought.

I figured I'd order a pizza. Pizza is a pretty safe bet, right? I mean those pizza boxes are decent size and everything. The concession dude hands it over and I pick it up and think, "Huh, this feels kinda light." But I ignored it until I got to my seat, opened the box and was greeted with this:

Such a small, sad, pathetic slice of pizza. 


Oof. So true. God forbid Jacobs ponies up to give fans a full slice of pizza.

But it got us thinking… what are the other conession items like?

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Health Wrap

Specifically designed for the Level 8 Vegan Bruin fans. It still casts a shadow, so it's not safe enough for the Level 10 Vegans, but it's sitll pretty whatever.

Hot Dog & Italian Sausage

Sorry but the bun and condiments costs you an extra voucher. You just get the meat if you're lucky,

If you're unlucky you get this…

Fucking-A, Internet.



You think putting Chips on the same price level as pizza or an Italian sausage is crazy until you realize they meant to put CHiPs instead of CHIPS.

Whatever the hell this kid ordered…

We make the same face anytime we see someone with a "I just turned 18 today, Seguin!" sign.

Jumbo Meatball



To be fair, Lucic has looked good first two games. Doesn't make those jokes any less fun, though.