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What’s On Deck For The 2013-2014 Season

What's going on everyone. I wanted to quickly update everyone with what's going on in the DOY world and what we will be bringing you in the upcoming season. After the pretty good Cup Finals run by the Bruins and an unreal July in terms of trades/contract extensions/free agents – everything's been kinda slow. We've had posts here and there, but nothing consistent. 

Expect that to change soon, especially with training camp starting September 4th (or at least that's what the Ristuccia Arena's schedule tells me). We'll be doing our best to keep up with training camp stuff – although it's fucking training camp so what can we really report? I'm sure the Boston media will have some ridiculous story about a player we can rip on Purrgeron can report on

So what are we going to do in the upcoming season? Find out after the jump


Bloguin is going to be getting a new look at some point during the season. There's no official date on when the new design is going to roll out, just know that it is coming. There won't be a huge difference from what you see now, but there will be some new additions we're excited to talk about once everything is finalized. 

The DOY Hockey Show (Name Still Being Worked On)
DOY pregame 

A lot of people asked us this summer about the pregame show we've ran towards the end of last season. We've decided that with an 82 game schedule it would be nearly impossible to do a pregame for every one of them, especially with other obligations in everyone's life (hobbies, health, family, etc). In lieu of that, the team has decided that we'll be doing a weekly show, which will recap/preview the week in the NHL with most of our content being about Boston (duh). 

We plan to have guests on our show as well, Boston bloggers, opposing bloggers (we hope) and I'm trying like hell to see if we can get Naoko on a show. It would be unreal to have someone like her on the show with us, at least once. 

This is still be done via Google Hangout, so you'll still get to see our beautiful faces. All of that will stream to our Youtube channel…and I just got an HD web cam – so enjoy that. 


NHL 14

Speaking of our Youtube channel, this year we will have the ability to record NHL 14 stuff and will be posting it to our Youtube channel. I will be doing 100% of the NHL stuff because I'm the only one who has access to the capture device needed. I plan to do a lot of reader interaction with this, including challenges and potential tournament where we can give away some swagggggggggggggggggggggggg. 

I've also been throwing around the idea of a Days of Y'Orr NHL 14 EASHL team, which will be strictly for the 360. The closer we get to the release date of NHL 14, the more I'll talk about that. Also, we will not be running a DOY14 GM Connected league because EA is a bunch of fucktards who did not make the schedule customizable and 82 games is too much to expect 30 people to play. 

Expect some NHL 14 demo gameplay footage Tuesday night when it drops. 

Fantasy Hockey
fantasy hockey


For years now we've run successful fantasy hockey leagues. Last year we ran amazing leagues with you guys and we plan on doing the same. The logistics will remain the same. 

  • Yahoo
  • If you were originally in one of our three leagues, you get first crack at coming back. 
  • Emails will go out to existing managers
  • No keepers
  • Longer season to get dominated by me, again.

But seriously, it was a blast and that was only a 48 game season. There's no doubt that we'll be doing 

Other than that, we have some new Gameday banners ready to roll. Instead of home and away, the banners will just be by team. Here's a look at our Penguins one: 


So yeah, we've been quitely working hard at some new stuff. Expect a lot of update posts, dates, etc in the future. 

Time To Go!