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What the fuck is going on?

Today was one weird fucking day for Tim Thomas stories. First it started with a story from Haggs about Thomas moving his family to Colorado mid-season. We’ve also heard this tale but he did it earlier in the year. No fucking clue. Haggs thinks it’s suspect for someone to move though.

But Thomas’ future with the Bruins started to get a little cloudy when the White House brouhaha went down this year in January. Apparently, now the goaltender has lost that loving feeling for Boston.

His move to the more politically conservative state of Colorado might explain why Thomas has been so noncommittal when asked about retiring as a Bruin. He also wasn’t very forthcoming in declaring his happiness as a member of the Bruins organization after the team fell to the Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs this season. 

So it could be about this mysterious storyline of him being an awful teammate or…

One source said that part of the reason for Thomas’ move was a desire to potentially work with the Team USA hockey program in Colorado Springs once his playing career was over. 
We didn’t write anything about it ’cause people move every single day. Hell, half my friends moved this past weekend.

Now Piere LeBruin is reporting that Timmy is thinking about taking a year off, making it for a realy weird Thomas story day.

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Tim Thomas might be playing elsewhere next season, or he might not be playing at all. 

A source told ESPN.com on Thursday that the 38-year-old Boston Bruins netminder was contemplating taking next season off. Which doesn’t mean he will, but it’s something he’s apparently raised. 

What. The. Shit.

Here’s a logical theory. HOLY BALLS. (read bottom to top)

Man. Remember when people were all like:

But now people are like…

Tim Thomas White Knight Batman
We miss that first part. Seriously.