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When The Dumbasses Speak, We All Get Painted In A Wrong Picture

I’m sorry Vancouver. 

There, I said it. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that you had to withstand a multitude of riot jokes because some people of your fan base did something stupid. I’m sorry that Bruins fans perpetually let you hear about said riot, even after your exit in the first round. I’m sorry that we were dicks about it because now it’s going to happen to us. 

For those that come to Days of Y’Orr, you know we like to have fun. We take Jack Edward’s throw away line of “…and who has more fun than us?” seriously. We rip on other teams, other fans, other players, our team, our fans, our players and each other on a continual basis because if you can not laugh then what’s the point of writing this? 

The one thing we don’t stand for, though, is racism.

When Joel Ward pushed the Bruins out of the playoffs last night, a bevy of racial-laden tweets were sent his way. Chirpstory.com collected the embarrassment that was those tweets for everyone to look at. Some are Bruins fans, some are not. Either way it paints everyone in the black and gold in a terrible light. The 1,300+ followers I follow on Twitter, who are made up of all hockey walks of life, were nothing like the people in that link. 

Unfortunately Boston has a terrible past when it comes to racism. Interested in reading up on hit? Hit google. I’m not going to get into the minutia of the past. 

Go through the chirpstory tweets. Read some people’s timelines. Some don’t live in Boston. Some aren’t Bruins fans. Some don’t even tweet about hockey. It’s just a group of people looking to be hateful, but our city will be labeled as hate mongers. We’ll stand to defend ourselves, but we were no better when it came to the city of Vancouver. Vancouver claimed it was anarchists and we called them liar. We’ll claim something to the same effect and they’ll call us liars. 

But welcome to the age of the Internet, where people can make faceless accusations and not be held liable. 

So yeah, we’re sorry. Sorry it had to happen. Sorry you have to paint a picture of a city you probably have never visited. Sorry we had to write this post just in case you feel the need to lump us in with the jerkoffs. 

We’re also sorry that Joel Ward will have to live with this. And Wayne Simmonds had to deal with this. It’s not right. 

I’m going to leave you with a tweet from Rick, who is a writer over at The Pensblog and a buddy of ours: