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Where does Tim Thomas Discover commercial rank among other Bruins ads?

It might not be The Bear and Bruins Hockey Rules but Tim Thomas is pretty damn funny in this Discover commercial.

It almost made us want to get a Discover card… just kidding. We wouldn’t carry that shit. Thomas is still awesome in it. Is there anything he can’t do?

Good chance that cabbie is a DOY reader. We instantly think of the crazy woman from Misery.

In fact, pretty sure that’s Pizz after he shaves and lowers his voice a few octaves.

Question is: Where does Tim Thomas’ Discover commercial rank among other Boston Bruins ads?

After the jump, some of our other favorite Bruins commercials.

A rarely seen but often sought after Shawn Thornton ad. We’d make fun of Shawn’s acting ability if it wasn’t for the fact he’d probably punch us in the face for saying… so, bravo! Bravo!

A bitter Cam Neely is always hilarious.

More Cam. “If you don’t have a Ray Bourque, use whatever you have around the house.”

A personal favorite. Adam Oates hits on the wimenz.

We’re sure we’re missing a few other good commercials (exlcuding the Bruins Hockey Rules). If so, shoot a note in the comment section with video if you can find it.