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Where The Wild Things Lose. BRUINS WIN!

For the first time in seven attempts, the Bruins have defeated the Minnesota Wild at the TD Garden. What a fun little fact to start this recap off with eh?

Man, what a game it was. From what I’ve been told by people who attended, it was a complete shit show in the stands. I’ll pass on what I truly believe St. Patrick’s Day is all about because, honestly, no one should give a shit what I think about it. I don’t even think I care enough to share my shitty opinion.

On the ice though, the Bruins dominated against the Wild. This game wasn’t even close. I’ve seen tamer things in grainy, online torture videos. It seemed the first period was a feeling out period for both teams – the shots were even, the score was even and there was one penalty called. When the second came and went the game was clearly in Boston’s favor.

In the end, Boston took care of a decent Western Conference team who will make the playoffs. This team is quickly showing that they are tops in the Eastern Conference.

(S/T to Pete Blackburn)

– Jarome Iginla, my heart swells for thee. Seriously, dude is on fire. They don’t ask how, they only ask how many and right now Iginla has 25 on the board. The 50 goal scoring Iginla from 2004 is gone, way gone, but the 36 Iginla is exactly what Milan Lucic and David Krejci need. Maybe it’s a maturation of Milan Lucic and David Krejci that has kept them “in it” all season, but I’d like to think there’s some connection between Horton leaving, Iginla showing up and both Lucic/Krejci not taking nights off.

Like I sad, not the prettiest of goals, but it doesn’t matter. That was Iginla’s first – making it 1-0. His second was an empty net goal – which I’m sure we will use as a disadvantage when Iginla signs elsewhere. It’s what happens in Boston right? I mean people (self included) talk about Lucic’s 30 and say “Well he had 5 ENGs as well!”


I fucking love you Iggy.

– Tuukka Rask was fucking lights out. Rask has been on a roll lately and last night was just another feather in the Vezina trophy cap. I don’t think anyone can really use the “Well look at his defense” defense like they did in years past. Yeah, look at his defense – it is a mix of a slower Zdeno Chara, three rookies and youngsters. The only one who is truly blowing up is Johnny Boychuk, who might have suffered an injury against Carolina and sat last night.

From a statistical standpoint, Rask is second in GAA and third in save percent in the league. The guy who ranks higher than him in GAA and SV% is shutdown for the season.

It’ll be a tight race between Rask, Bishop and who knows.

– Dat Swedish Connection doe. Carl Söderberg continues to dazzle in his first full year in Boston. It’s unreal how Söderberg has carried the game of the third line. Eriksson’s season has been a wash thanks to multiple concussions and Chris Kelly is, well, Chris Kelly. Söderberg has made that line legit. Look at this tweet from Tom Servo:


I mean look at Eriksson’s goal:

Söderberg is the guy who gets it all going by causing a turnover, draws three guys his way and Eriksson sneaks down low for the easy goal. This line is going to be dangerous in the playoffs.

– Claude’s timeout strategy.

– Reilly Smith’s first goal in sixteen games. SIXTEEN! Good to see the kid get off the schnide.

– Bruins discipline. Seriously. Boston took one penalty all night and it was tripping call in the first period. Other than that, they were stellar. The only negative? Minnesota didn’t take any. It was good to see the zebras swallow their whistles.

– Last night’s NBC Sports Network broadcast was a fucking joke. Look, if you’re not going to put the “A Team” out there NBC, don’t bother restricting people to your shitty broadcast. I’m sick and tired on how NBC broadcasts NHL games. Maybe I was spoiled by the fantastic broadcasts that was the BBC during the Olympics.


– Will some shitty NHL team hire Pierre so we don’t have to see him on TV anymore?

– Can I get a preview done for tonight’s game?

– How many fucking back to backs are left?

– Will we ever choose another writer?