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Who is Carter Camper?

On February 20, 2012 I received an email in my inbox from Eric Tosi that was titled “BRUINS RECALL CARTER CAMPER FROM PROVIDENCE” and I looked at my phone and asked myself “who?”. Now, I’m admittedly not a big AHL guy. I don’t follow the Providence Bruins like I should, so all you AHL elitists out there can feel good about yourself. You like the player before he was cool, you’re a hockey hipster. Well I did a little searching on the Internet and this is what I came away with. 

Camper was undrafted and signed by the Bruins on April 7, 2011. Camper played 4 years at Miami of Ohio. In 156 career games at Miami of Ohio, Camper netted 69 goals, with a career high of 20 in the 2008-2009 season. He had 114 assists (career high of 38 in 2010-2011 season) and 183 points in those for years. 

Camper’s 2011-2012 campaign for the Providence Bruins as been a successful one as to date. This season Camper was played in 53 games, has 14 goals and 24 assists. He’s the leading scorer on the team, leads the team with 6 power play goals and has 113 shots on goal.

Camper has also made the 2012 AHL All-Star game.

SBNation’s scouting report lists a player’s assets and flaws. Here is their assessment:

Assets: Has good playmaking skills and sound hockey sense. Makes things happen when he’s on the ice.

Flaws: At 5-9, 170 pounds, he’s undersized for the National Hockey League game and needs more strength.

It is unknown where Camper will make his appearance in the line-up, though in our game preview I had him listed as centering the third line between Jordan Caron and Beniot Pouliot. 

There’s no doubt that Boston’s AHL system is poor and lacks organizational depth. It should be interesting to see what a guy like Camper can bring to the table for the Bruins.