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Why you should vote for us for ‘Best Bruins Blog’

Boston Bruins Best Blog nomination TruFanIf you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you probably realize that we’ve been nominated for “Best Bruins Blog” for the TruFan New England Sports Blog Award, presented by Comcast Sports Net New England.

We’re stoked to get yet another blog award nomination in our first year. But we’ve yet to win. We’re tired of being the bridesmade; goddammit, we want to be the bride for once!!


Anyways, the voting goes until the end of February 14th and the award ceremony is the 15th, which is funny because there’s a Bruins game that day and half of the DOY crew, at least, won’t be present at the ceremony. Would seem fitting, yes? No word if Purrgeron will be on attendance.

For those of you interested in the event, it’s at Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grille on Tuesday, February 15th at 7PM. This year’s awards are being hosted by “El Pres” from Barstool Sports which should make for an interesting event. To vote for Days of Y’Orr for “Best Bruins Blog” visit http://www.trufan.com/nesb_vote. You can vote once per day.

But if you’re not sure why we’re better than our “competitors” (for lack of a better word), here ya go:

* We’re the only Bruins Blog site with a cat as our investigative reporter. Patrice Purrgeron is a reporting legend, making known to the world what the Bruins bring with them on away games and finding the real Cam Neely letter. He’s also brought you miracles such as Horton scoring and finding the Boston Bruins heart. The guy’s a fucking wizard.

* No one pisses off Flyers fans and Sabres fans as easily as us.

* We round out our newsteam with Hellen Keller as our NHL Referree expert and Brian Fantana as our field reporter.

* Three words: Johnny Boychuk Facts

Johnny Boychuk Facts
* No one gives breaking news coverage like us. Examples:

BREAKING NEWS: Chris Neil is a douche
BREAKING NEWS: Dumbass fans jump on ice; almost lose pants
BREAKING NEWS: How many Kessicles do you have?

* And we round it out with in-depth analysis coverage

* A vote for us is a vote for truth, justice and the Shawn Thornton way

* We’ve brought you cinematic masterpieces such as Unfinished Business: 

…And Marc Savard’s Comeback Montage

Those are just a few of the endless reasons why you should vote Days of Y’Orr as New England’s “Best Bruins Blog.” If we’ve convinced you — and we sure hope we have — head over to TruFan and give us a vote. You can vote once per day until the end of the 14th.

Go Bruins!