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You and the Cup: Volume 1

Last week we asked for your stories about meeting the Holy Grail. We got some great tales and some fantastic pictures.

If you’re lucky enough to touch or kiss the Cup, cherish it. If you haven’t yet, we hope you get to. We were squeeling like baby pigs when we hopped in line. Took all our will power not to whip it out and slap it on the Cup. Probably wouldn’t have gone over well. So we just kissed it. No worries.

Onto the stories and pics. Here are our buddies LA and Nicole with the Cup.

Leanne and I went to see the cup at Tewksbury Country Club. We waited In line for about 3 hours and finally got In about 20 mins before they were shutting the doors.  We’ll worth it!

After the jump, more of your tales…

Shannon’s been part of Team DOY since we started the blog. She, too, was at the Tewksbury Country Club. Here’s her pic.

July 10th over $15,000 dollars raised to help families of the military men and women killed
in the war. It was such an awe inspiring moment being in the same room with the cup and
then finding out we could touch it. GREAT day.

Dan helped Team DOY heckle Canucks fans while waving a Bruins flag. He got to make out with Lord Stanley.

The date was June 29th. I was still in a Stanley Cup euphoria that was the equivalent of letting a utterly disgusting silent fart out in a public place, then leaving, quickly whilst it ligers and ruins peoples lives. The Bruins were Stanley Cup champions as of 14 days ago, and I still hadn’t come off cloud 700. During the playoffs I had started to use twitter, trying to shamelessly win tickets. Well once the playoffs were over, I kinda stayed with it. So the morning of the 29th, I was browsing Twitter, when the Bruins posted up that they were bringing the Cup around Boston for the day, I knew I was spending the day Cup hunting. Basically they told people to tweet them where they should bring it, and then they would pick a few.

Unfortunately, as I soon realized, they were tweeting where it HAD been, not where it was going. So first they made a stop at a mens softball game in Cambridge. Then they went to a bar in Cambridge. At this point I knew I had to make my move, as it was like 4pm. People had been tweeting all day to bring it to L Street Tavern in Southie. I finally made up my mind, that I would take the bus out there. Worse comes to worse, the Cup doesn’t show, and I’ll just get drunk. As I get on the bus in Copley Square, the Bruins tweet up and say they are heading west. Son of a bitch. I was already 45 minutes in to my hour long journey. At this point, I’m very bummed. Didn’t think I’d get my chance with the silver chalice.
I got to the bar, ordered up a beer, and relaxed. The bar was PACKED for a Wednesday night. I felt like I was getting a few of those, “you aren’t a local” looks. As the night wore on, I started talking to a few folks. Met a lot of very nice people, and found out that a lot of them were there hoping the Cup showed up. Ended up talking to a guy that had been in contact with John Bishop(bruins twitterybloggy guy) and was confident they were going to show up with it. My spirits were renewed. Had a few rounds bought for me by some of the people I had become friends with, and then suddenly, around 11pm, someone yelled “ITS HERE!”

I look out the small window, and sure enough, a black Suburban has just pulled up. I caught something shiney coming out of the back of it. The back door of the bar bursts open, and suddenly, the Stanley Cup is in the same tiny bar as me. I was shaking. I downed my beer and started to make my way towards the front. Unfortunately, a hundred or so other people also did as well. Finally we got a system working, and I was slowly making my way to it. Finally, after about 15 minutes, I was face to face with 35lbs of polished silver that I have waited to see my entire life. I handed a random person my camera, knelt down and pressed my lips firmly against it. Time stood still. I could not fathom what I was doing. I pulled back, got my camera from the stranger, and walked behind the Cup. As I did this, they decided it was time to go. I knelt down and stole one more kiss, and jsut like that, it was gone. I was the LAST person to get a picture with it. 

I hung around the bar for another hour or so, everyone buzzing about what had just happened, and I headed on my way home. I had even MORE of a smile on my face than I had had for the previous weeks. Finally, the Bruins had won the Cup, and I had my moment with it. My life as a Bruins fan was basically complete.

Here’s Joe from Denver:

I was born in Boston but grew up in Denver.  We were back in August so my 10-month-old son, Connor, could meet his Grandmother for the first time.   Luckily Cam had the cup on Martha’s Vineyard and we were able to head over from the Cape. 

That kid’s only 10 months old and you can tell he knows what he’s stumbled upon. He’s probably thinking about lifting that thing himself one day.

Here’s Jaime and company:

Hey Guys,

Couldn’t have been more excited to see your latest post – what perfect timing! As luck would have it, when I read the update on my phone, I was riding in the car going home just having BEEN with Lord Stanley!

A member of the franchise was having his day with the cup, and set up a few hours of visitation for everyone at Beverly High School (Beverly, MA) to benefit a charity in the name of a former hockey player of the school who had passed away. For $5 you could have general admission into the same room as the Cup, or for $20 you could have a professional photographer take a picture of you with it (per picture, and they let you do whatever you wanted with it!). I had come home for the weekend from New York to see it (oops, I mean visit my folks) so there was no way I wasn’t going. We stood in line for a LONG time, outside in the heat and stupid high temperatures. A girl a few people ahead of me was taken away in an ambulance after passing out due to heat exhaustion. I’m very impressed (and proud!) of my stepmother for being hardcore and wearing her Chara jersey even though it was over 90 outside and even worse inside the gym.

But back to my treasured pictures… I have to admit it, I kissed the Cup. I know, I know… you’re not supposed to kiss it unless you WIN it. I wasn’t going to, but when I got up there I was just overtaken by it’s sheer awesomeness and the B’s goal music that was blasting in the background and couldn’t help myself. I’m pretty sure I never want to wash my lips or hands that touched it again (although my boyfriend says I must and that’s non-negotiable… he’s not a big Bruins fan). 

Although the Ryder dent had been “fixed” – I chatted with the Keeper who was there and he said it was still pretty prominent. It was going in for more repairs the following day, but overall the trophy was pretty dented in a lot of areas. I thought it matched the sentiments perfectly – other sports have perfectly molded, modern designs… hockey is dented, lopsided, and added to when necessary instead of being reformed. In my opinion, the most beautiful piece of metal I’ve ever seen in my life.

I got to go with my Dad (he’s in the family shot) to see the Cup, which was great because since before I was born he has been a hockey fanatic – I can remember when I was little being taken by my grandparents to the local ice rink to watch his games in the leagues he played. As a family we’ve been watching the Bruins together forever. It was really pretty special to be with him for the first time that he’s ever seen the Cup, I think the only thing that could have made the experience better would be if my grandfather could have been with us, too (he’s gone now, but I always smile thinking about all the Bruins gear we buried him with – at his request!).

The NY Rangers fans that showed up were showered with some good-natured boo-ing while they got their picture taken, but they were great enough to congratulate us on having a kick-ass team.

Now the only thing I need to make my summer complete is to have the damn Marchand contract a done deal already. 

How long until October? 

Here’s Jay:

Here is a picture of Myself (Jay) along with my Dad, my son, his friend, and my daughter.

My sons friend is actually a Canucks fan but I made him wear the Bruins jersey or he had to stay home.

Also, while waiting in line to see the cup, the local news crew interviewed me about the riots. I pretty much blamed the City of Vancouver for setting up a TV for 100,000 people to watch and just expect everything to go alright. Same retards that actually thought the Canucks would win! LMFAO!

And some Canadian friends with the Cup.

Here is a picture of my parents and I with the cup and Bergie in Quebec City (no, I don’t have two dads, the guy on the right is a complete stranger). Thanks for all the laughs!

Damn. We were hoping he had two dad.

And Kalin:

before our win, but i knew it was comming

Here’s Pabs getting friendly with Lord Stanley.

Thanks to DOY for the heads up.  I was able to get my picture taken with the Cup up in Beverly on 9/4.  I have also heard rumors that the Cup will be in Everett on 10/8
Go Bruins!