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You stay classy Montreal

We find ourselves in a funny place today as Bruins fans.

We, like most Bruins fans, believe there was no malice on Chara’s end. We believe it was an unfortunate incident with an almost tragic ending. We say “almost” because it sounds like Pacioretty will be able to play again, though not this season.

If you’re a Montreal fan, you’re spreading idiocy like the plague. Apparently Chara plotted this for years. Chara wanted to end Pacioretty’s career. He should be burned at the stake, drawn and quartered and then fed to Oprah.

Apparently Montreal fans are also mind readers. They claim Chara 100% intended to injure Pacioretty and that they “know this for a fact!” Oh really? You talk to Chara today? He admit that to you? Because if so we’d love to hear the recording of that. Montreal is like a freaking zoo.

Habs fans are emailing us telling us they hope we die. I guess we were in on the plot with Chara. They’re saying we don’t know how it feels to see a player from our team laying motionless on the ice.

Guess they haven’t heard of Marc Savard. Or Patrice Bergeron.

After the jump….. Montreal media and fans make our collective IQ drop by about 1,000,000 points……

A lot of Habs fans are comparing this to the Matt Cooke situation. In our minds, and we’re just guessing like everyone else because only Chara knows his true intentions, we believe this was a guy trying to finish his hit but not purposely injure Pacioretty.

Other Habs fans are comparing the Chara hit to the Bertuzzi incident. I guess jumping a guy from behind and driving his face into the ice is the same as an unfortunate yet accidental incident. If you follow this line of thinking you should just off yourself now because you’re too stupid to be allowed to breed.

We’re also torn on other things. Montreal has the whinest, cockiest, most self absorbed fan base in the entire NHL. Everyone else is always wrong and they are always right. They’re hanging onto a legacy that 90% of them weren’t even around for. They won most of their championships in a time when there was six teams and the team that won the Cup got the first pick in the draft. A time when whoever had the most money got the most playes. And that is fine. We wouldn’t be complaining if it was the other way around. We’re just saying. But don’t say that to Montreal fans. They’ll just quote some ridiculous stat or writer that isn’t even relevant anymore.

We want to blast them for all the stupid, insane, nonsensical comments. Like we said, we’ve received veiled death threats ourselves. Everyone is tough on the internet. We’ve seen Tweets hoping the Bruins plane crashes, that Chara’s kids are killed in a fire, that Chara’s wife is raped and peed on.

Seriously. Not even making any of that up. People actually ran to the internet to Tweet about Chara’s children dying. And it is all ridiculous.

But then we remember how a lot of Bruins fans reacted to the Matt Cooke hit. They wanted him dead. Literally. They wished ill upon his family. Upon every Penguins player ever. A lot of you even called it kharma when Sidney Crosby went down with a concussion and celebrated.

We didn’t share the same opinions. We never hoped Cooke’s kids were mauled by lions. We never hoped Sidney Crosby’s career was over when he got hit. We never hoped Dan Bylsma got AIDS because he coaches Matt Cooke.

A lot of comments come out in the heat of battle. We’re quite fond of making borderline jokes here at Days of Y’Orr. That is what we do. But we don’t want to see someone’s career, or life, ended on the ice.

But as more and more details come out about what is going on in Montreal, we realized more and more how absolutely childish, pathetic and moronic the Montreal fan base is. Every fan base, even our own, has a section of fans that are just embarassing. Fans you wish weren’t associated with you. For Montreal, that has to be at least 99%.

Their fans, for the most part, are a bunch of pretentious idiots who turn on their own players at the drop of a hat. They riot and burn cars after first round playoff victories. They demand their GM be fired after trading Halak and keeping Price, then months later the same exact fans call everyone stupid if they don’t think Price is the best goalie of all time.

Their team dives. Constantly. They claim to be the pinnacle of hockey excellence but their team disgraces the game by turning it into an Olympic diving expo.

The funniest part about these idiot Montreal fans is how stupid they are. They’ll email us and call us “cock suckers” or threaten to stab us in the neck or yell at us for making a Habs joke and then call us homos. And each one of these emails ends with some variation of the line “you should be more classy like us, you stupid homo Bruins fans.” Oh the irony. I guess death threats and homophobic slurs are classy these days. And it is not just us. Other bloggers have received similar feedback from Habs fans.

We just want to give a big thank you to Habs fans for proving you are the biggest idiots around. We hope Max Pacioretty makes a full recovery and resumes his hockey career. But that doesn’t change the fact that Habs fans are the worst fan base of all time.

You can’t celebrate when a player from another team goes down with an injury like this and then call for an execution when it happens to your team. That is exactly what Montreal fans are doing. We legitemately got emails/Tweets from Habs fans last year under our old blog when Savard went down. They expressed happiness. Joy. They told us they hoped his career was over and said “the Bruins got what they deserved.” That is just really, really classy. You people who celebrated Savard’s injury have zero right to complain now.

You idiots flooded 911 with calls demanding the police do something about the Chara situation. Do you realize people who actually needed to call 911 because someone was dying or seriously injured couldn’t get through because you were tying up the phone lines? I guess that is just classy Montreal being classy though.

Picture courteasy of Eric Pratt (@BosBruinsFan)
Bruins fans didn’t call 911 when Cooke hit Savard or when Jones hit Bergeron. You know why? Because we’re not as dumb as you Montreal.

Did these same Habs fans bother to call 911 when they riot after a regular season win? Probably not. Classy though.

Then you have Air Canada threatening to pull their sponsorship unless the NHL does something about headshots.

That is funny. Where was their outrage when Cooke hit Savard? When Mike Richards hit David Booth? When Randy Jones hit Patrice Bergeron? When Trevor Gillies dropped a flying elbow on Eric Tangradi and then taunted him?

They were silent. I guess it is okay when these things happen to other fanbases but not when they happen to your own team. You hypocritical morons. Way to look professional Air Canada, you hypocritical idiots.

Now moron Montreal police have started an investigation into the incident. They’re wasting time and money investigating a hockey play with terrible results. Did they start an investigation that time Max Pacioretty nailed Mark Eaton into the boards, with complete disregard for Eaton’s health or well being?

No, they didn’t. And we’re not comparing the two incidents. Pacioretty got seriously hurt, Eaton didn’t. The only difference was that Eaton was lucky and Pacioretty wasn’t. Pacioretty still displayed complete disregard for Eaton’s well being when he finished that check.

If you look at different posts for this video on Youtube, Montreal fans celebrated this hit. Said Eaton shouldn’t have put himself in that position. So why is it different when it happens to one of your players? Do the different consequences really make the intent any different? We’d bet money Air Canada is just using this as a pubicity stunt to garner further support in Canada. Pacioretty drove Eaton into the boards. He had plenty of time to stop, and chose not to apparently. How is that different? I guess Eaton isn’t as classy as Pacioretty, right Montreal?

The Canadiens organization is saints though, right?

Tomas Plekanec butt ending Krejci in the face:

Georges Laraque hit Helm in the face with his stick and then purposely tried to injure Kronwall. On the same shift. And Habs fans cheered:

Lapierre tosses Scott Nichol face first into the boards:

Again, none of these hits had the same end result as the Pacioretty hit. But they were definitely hits/incidents that did not need to happen yet Habs fans cheered them and defended each play. But when it happens to you, it is not okay? You people make this waaaaaaaaaaay too easy.

It is not just fans that are idiots. The Montreal media encouraged fans to call 911. Yup. If any body died as a result of the flooded 911 call center, that is on the hands of everyone that called in complaining about Chara.

But I guess that doesn’t matter to Montreal fans. They’re much too classy to care about something like that.

This “classy” and “considerate” fan base has also been known to start riots, tip cop cars, set fires and beat people after first round playoff wins. And now you’re crying injustice? Look at yourselves. You’re scum. You are just the worst kind of people in the world. We have sympathy for Max Pacioretty but none for Canadiens fans. If you gathered the most pretentious, illogical, self aborbed, idiotic people on the planet and put them in one city, it would be just like Montreal.

Perhaps that is slighty unfair. There are good Habs fans out there. Habs fans with heads on their shoulders. But as whole, no fan base over reacts or does more stupid things than Montreal.

So keep making posts and writing Tweets about how the Bruins plane should be hit by a meteor. Keep writing about how Chara’s children should die. Keep sending Days of Y’Orr death threats. We love ’em. We print them out, pass them around the office, have a good laugh and then use it as toilet paper.

Let us pretend for a second that Chara did want to hurt Pacioretty. Let us pretend he wanted to end Pacioretty’s career. All you Habs fans who hate Chara now, who are calling for his head because of his actions? Everything you’ve done would make you no better than the man you are demonizing.

The difference between you and Chara though? His incident was an accident. An accident both he and Pacioretty have to live with.

You idiots calling 911, hoping for a plane crash or doing all those other moronic things you’re so found of? You did that all on purpose.

Those of you writing all those vile things about the Bruins organization as a whole, Chara’s children, Bruins fans, etc…. you have to look at yourself in the mirror every day knowing you’re terrible people.

To Max Pacioretty, we hope you make a full recovery and play again. We looking forward to booing you again when you’re being a pest.

To Montreal: the city, their inbred fans…. well, we’ll give Patrice Purrgeron the final word on this matter…

Montreal is an embarassment to humanity.