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RECAP: Zdangle Chara Ruins Panthers Alumni Game. BRUINS WIN!



Jon predicted a 4-2 win during the DOY pregame show. So close Jon, so close.

Although Zdangle's goal should probably count as ten goals because it was so awesome. Even the Florida defense was mesmerized by the pure beauty of that goal. We heard Chara's wife's orgasm all the way in our mom's basement. 

Before Chara embarassed the entire Florida team the bi-annual Florida Panthers Alumni Game was very friendly.

Not nice guys. Funny, but not nice. But funny.

– This. Forever this. 

Found via Tumblr

– Not only did Chris Kelly score, but it was a POWER PLAY GOAL.

Happy first goal of the season buddy! 

– It's the little things we love. Like Justin. But also everything that goes into a goal. Krejci with a sweet faceoff win to set up the Lucic goal. No faceoff win equals no goal. LITTLE THINGS!

– Dennis Seidenberg going into beast mode and showing the Florida Panthers what they're missing. ALL HAIL SEIDENBERG!

– The Panthers showed us the key to Daniel Paille scoring on a breakaway… the goalie can't be there!

– The play of this man. Especially late in the game.

– These two arguing over who's gonna bang the hot blonde a few rows behind them.

– Florida announcer Frank Forte had a senior moment and said Weaver's hit on Lucic was "a sublte cross check from behind." Ummm… WHAT?!?! Lucic is a big guy. He doesn't go down easy. Weaver cross checked Lucic with enough force to drive him into the boards. Even worse was the no call by the refs. 

But remember everyone, the league favors the Bruins and all the call go their way because of GREGORY CAMPBELL CALLING HIS DADDY WHO DOESN'T HAVE THAT KIND OF AUTHORITY!

– The DOY pregame show today.

– Someone needs to get McQuaid to a therapist. He obviously hates himself. When he's not throwing his face into the boards he's running into his own teammates. We're here for you dude. We're here for you.

– Paille has three goals. Seguin has three goals. It is awesome that Paille is contributing like he is. It is not awesome that Seguin isn't contributing as expected.