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Zdeno Chara and Max Pacioretty Make Up!

If case you haven’t heard the news, Zdeno Chara and Max Pacioretty are super best friends now!

According to Pacioretty’s agent, Chara and Pacioretty finally spoke about the incident and now they both have all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings inside. How sweet!

We wish could we hear the conversation. We bet it went something like this:

Chara: Dude, it was a hockey play with bad results. Man up!
Pacioretty: You know, you’re right! Sorry! Wanna go get some dinner?
Chara: Sure. Chara hungry!

Doesn’t that just tug at your heart strings?

After the conversation the two enemies actually did meet up and because Chara is such a nice guy he took Pacioretty out for a full day of fun to make up for the hit. Chara invited the Days of Y’Orr camera crew to come out and film the entire evening. Now, here is the exclusive look at the Chara-Pacioretty Make Up Night!

After the jump…. a special day for Zdeno and Max……

Pacioretty picked up Chara promptly at noon and the two were off!

Chara knew Pacioretty hadn’t seen a movie for awhile due to the severe concussion and thought Pacioretty could use a good laugh so Chara took Max to see a comedy that Pacioretty probably hadn’t seen before….. right?

They both laughed and laughed and laughed though it seemed like Pacioretty may have already seen this movie because he kept mouthing some of the lines. Weird.

After a few chuckles, Chara whisked Pacioretty away to a WWE event. Chara noticed Pacioretty looked a bit uncomfortable each time one of the wrestlers slammed their opponents head into the turnbuckle so Chara, being the super nice guy that he is, decided it was time for a little “payback” and paid some of the security guards to let him and Pacioretty into the ring. From their, Chara let Pacioretty have a little bit of revenge.

What a sweetheart that Chara is. Good sense of humor too. Classic.

Afterwards, Chara and Pacioretty decided they should probably get outside more so they headed into Boston to take in the sights and get some exercise!

First they did a tandem bike ride around Boston Common….

Then they took a ride on one of the Swan Boats….

And then they went to the park where Chara pushed Pacioretty on the swing for an hour! Time flies when you’re having fun!

They were having lots of fun but their competitive juices were flowing so they ventured out in search of a little competition and found a Go Kart track! They raced for hours and hours as laughter and playful jabs filled the air. Magical!

After so much fun both of the guys were a bit tired so they went back to Chara’s house to relax a bit and watch some TV. But that plan went out the window when a tickle fight broke out!

Oh those two whacky guys! So precious!

After a couple drinks the two fast friends decided to go out and enjoy a little bit of Boston’s night life.

First they entered a midget tossing competition at a local bar and completely dominated. It was awesome!

After they collected their midget tossing trophies they headed out to a local Japanese restaurant for some dinner and some karaoke! The two enjoyed a delicious meal and entertained the crowd with their vocal stylings…

Chara has the voice of an angel. The two were having the best night EVER!

On their way out of the restaurant they took a photo to capture all the magical memories of their night on the town…

The pair went back to Chara’s house again and ended the night with a rousing game of Sorry, perhaps a symbolic gesture on the part of Boston’s gentle giant.

Once sworn enemies, Chara and Pacioretty showed that two people can bridge the gap of hate and be friends. What a great day.

When asked about the day Pacioretty told us, with a tear in his eye, “He might be a vicious giant…. but he’s my giant.”