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Zdeno Chara Refuses To Let Jarome Iginla On The Bench BECAUSE HE’S A MONSTER

The Bruins are fucking monsters man. Maybe those dudes at Habs Eye on the Prize is right, maybe the Bruins are beginning to reap what they sow. Last night's actions by the Boston Bruins, and namely Zdeno Chara, pushed me over the edge. These guys at HEOTP are right – the Bruins are demonstrative jerkoffs and Zdeno Chara led the pack. 

After last night's win in Calgary, Jarome Iginla – who spent most of his NHL career playing for the Flames – was named third star and acknowledged this star by doing the usual routine of skating out and acknowledging the crowd. After returning to the bench, Zdeno Chara would not let him enter and said something to him. Now I admit, I am an amateur lip reader but I'm pretty sure Chara said: 

"You're not coming on this bench and if you do, I will slit your dog's throat and shit on your mother. Now go out there and skate GOD DAMMIT SKATE." 

Again, I'm an amateur but this seems accurate, especially given the reputation that the Bruins have throughout the NHL. Like I said, I believe those guys in Montreal are right. The Bruins allow shit like this to happen all the time. So Chara makes Iginla skate around the arena for fear of death and fecal matter being deposited on his mother. 


Then Iginla, after listening to the beckoning call of his Captain, tries to enter the bench once more to even more Bruins telling him no. 

"You're not coming on this bench, son." – Johnny Boychuk
"I will take your mother out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again." – Reilly Smith
"Hi, I'm Chad Johnson" – Chad Johnson
"You didn't score tonight, so you will skate around this dimly lit arena once more and if you don't you have to listen to dubstep with Marchand on the way home." – Dennis Seidenberg. 

Cruel. Cruel fucking monsters on that Bruins bench. How dare they have someone so loved in the Calgary community, someone who still lives there in the offseason, embrace the fans not once- BUT TWICE!. Fucking monsters man. 

Or the guys at Habs Eye on the Prize are full of poutine and bullshit.