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Tiki Barber Is Drunk on Lions Kool-Aid, Predicts 9 (!) Wins

Something tells me Tiki Barber took one too many thumps to the head during his 10-year NFL career. While many reasonable individuals — this writer included — are expecting a modest improvement out of the Lions, Tiki Barber is going through Kool-Aid like Lindsey Lohan goes through cocaine. Barber went out on a limb jumped off a cliff and predicted 9+ wins for the Lions this year in a Yahoo Sports segment.

Even the fake-tan-sporting Larry Biel thinks Tiki is nuts for that prediction. I will give him this though: if the defensive line is as dominant as they were in the early part of the Lions’ first preseason game, Tiki might not turn out to be as bat-shit crazy as he seems right now.

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