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Beavers go all Miley Cyrus with imitative rap video

Imitation is the sincerest form of pathetic imagination. 

As a matter of editorial policy DSH doesn’t do a lot of Beaver Bashing, but this one has to be called out. The Ducks and Duck fans have produced a dazzling array of hype videos, inspirational raps and tributes to the spirit of excellence in Oregon football. They’ve established a fun tradition with the start-of-the-fourth-quarter crowd participation song, “Shout!” that rocks the stadium. The song has a genuine connection to the Oregon story, featured in the movie “Animal House,” which was filmed on the Oregon campus.

Recently the Beavers unveiled their latest tribute to mediocrity and hayseedism, and the result is just plain embarrassing, a video they call “Chainsaw” which is apparently destined to become their fourth quarter theme song. All that’s left is for the Beaver cheer squad to do cringe-worthy things with an orange foam finger.

Less of a role model than Charles Barkley: to make things even more awkward, the Beavs added this character to their sideline in 2011, a clumsy ripoff of “Timber Joey.” He clearly trains in OSU’s state of the art weight room.

Here is the video, two minutes of your life you will never get back, a 7-5 record waiting to happen: