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Chip Kelly wins the Media Day

He was the person in the room under the most pressure, facing the most difficult questions, badgered with the same question asked six different ways by six media members reading aloud from their next column, more interested in having the stage than illuminating the facts.

Chip Kelly won the day.  He was cordial, composed, and on message.  He was calm and polite, and had the wisdom to take some coaching of his own, acknowledging deftly that the press had a job to do and had to ask the questions.  He addressed their concerns in the only way he could, and brought the conversation back to football and the hopes and achievements of his team. 

“As head coach of this football program, we’re held accountable for everything we do,” Kelly said. “So we look forward to when we can [comment]. I’d love to talk about it. There are a lot of answers I’d love to make sure we can get out there.”

Looking forward to the 2011 season amidst high preseason rankings, Kelly said, “I think the vision that we have for this football program exceeds any expectations that anybody could write down on a piece of paper.”

Oregon fans were proud of their coach today. Hard to think how anyone would be proud of John Canzano and his shrill, self-glorifying, belligerent performance.  Canzano is seriously out of step with his readers, most Oregonians, ordinary courtesy and plain English.  A statement was read that laid out the facts pretty clearly. There’s an investigation underway. We’ve hired an independent firm to advise us on best practices.  We’ll comment more fully as soon as the findings are completed. Near the end of the press conference, after Kelly had patiently answered variations of the question from five other people, the Oregonian columnist goes on a long rant which was basically another excuse to hear himself talk.

John Canzano is an attention whore, one who has been screaming so long and unconvincingly that no one attaches any value to anything he writes. 

Here is a link to the video of Chip Kelly and David Paulson’s segment at Media Day.