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LaMichael James says the Ducks are hungry, and that is a very good sign

Hunger is good. Hunger makes you strong, makes your senses sharp, gives you energy and focus.

LaMichael James says the Ducks are hungry for a bowl win this year, and they are practicing with great intensity. After practice yesterday he told Ken Goe of the Oregonian:

“It’s like we haven’t ate in two years,” UO running back LaMichael James said. “We lost two bowl games. So I think we’re really hungry. We’re starving right now.”

If you have ever been broke, or gone a period of time without sex or in meager circumstances, you know what that kind of hunger is like. It’s a good, strong, motivating thing, an energy that creates resolve. The will to compete for what you want is one of the most powerful forces on earth, given to us by our Creator so that we would not give up in adversity.

Athletes of character, and people of character, rise up to their best efforts with this kind of hunger.

If the Ducks sustain this mindset through their bowl preparations, their performance in the Rose Bowl will be something to see.