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On $th and Goal, Chip Kelly makes the right call

Just before midnight, reports were widespread, from Joe Schad to George Schroeder, that Chip Kelly was gone, signing a deal to coach the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Oregon Athletic Department had a short list ready.

Just after midnight, Schroeder and others announced that Kelly had changed his mind, that his heart, for now, was in college football and coaching the Oregon Ducks.

Trouble is, opposing coaches will use this for years in negative recruiting. And there were a series of crucial in-home visits yesterday that didn’t happen, including 5-star safety Shaq Thompson.

Today there will likely be more details, maybe even a press conference with Kelly.

Question is, how long will he stay, and when will another story like this surface?

There’s a line at the end of the movie North Dallas Forty when a player stands up and says, “Every time we call it a game you call it a business.” It’s a little like that. College football has tradition and passion and color, but the players and coaches want to get paid and advance their careers.

Today, some might feel a little more cautious about loving the Ducks.