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Oregon Ducks Top 10 Plays of the Decade 2001-2011

Mike Wines of Oregon Duck Soup and MadMike1951 youtube channel compiled this list of Top Plays over the last ten memorable years.  There are some terrific plays here, and a few favorites that didn’t make the list. Still, with 41 more days to go until the season opener, and just two short weeks until the start of fall practice (August 8th) it’s nice to have a glimpse of real football.  Great too to see some favorite Ducks in action one more time:


Three favorites of mine didn’t make the list:

Harrington-to-Samie Parker, 80 yards in the Fiesta Bowl

Dennis Dixon’s 80-yard td run

Masoli trucks Oregon State safety to clinch the Rose Bowl

What Duck fans are most looking forward to are Mike’s top ten highlights of 2011.  There will be some bang-up ones, no doubt.