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Secret to Oregon offensive success is in their DNA

The design is simple with almost infinite variations. Sugar and proteins arranged in a double helix, forming a code that contains every piece of cellular information from the color of our eyes to how fast we run the 40. It’s a marvel and a mystery, first discovered by James Watson in a now-famous dream.

Similarly, the Oregon offense starts with skilled players spread, relying on the genetic gifts of a smart, fast quarterback who processes information quickly, presenting the defense with multiple problems, designed to get the ball to fast, shifty athletes in open space. The architect put it succinctly:

If Mariota recognizes a mismatch or disorganization on the left, he throws a quick screen to his wideout:

If the Ducks have a numbers advantage on the left, they might choose a quick handoff to his speedy tailback. A couple of key blocks and it’s a touchdown:

If the defense covers on the left, they’ll run right:

If they cover the edges, they’ll run up the middle:

If defenders crash to stop the run, Mariota will slip a short pass to the tight end:

If the defense spreads to cover the receivers, Mariota will keep it himself:

Sometimes they’ll stretch the defense, and rely on a back with good vision to find an alley:

If safeties cheat up into the box, the Ducks can run vertical patterns into the seams:

With key players bigger, faster and stronger in 2014, the possibilities and options are endless:

But it all starts with a calm, heady quarterback with great speed, who studies carefully, recognizes options quickly, and makes great decisions:

Videos courtesy of Mike Wines of Oregon Duck Soup and Youtube channel MadMike1951.