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Eagles at Redskins MNF …LiveFyre Grill is Open for biz…

The early game in a Monday Night Football double-header to open the 2013 regular season… not too shabby. I love the exposure…and I hope we're not exposed!

Come on in if you dare and share your observations of the game in live time with the other members of the Bored.

 Kickoff 7:00 P.M. EST at Fed Ex Field….

ESPN-TV coverage…

The Redskins are favored by 3.5 points at kickoff.

The biggest question for Washington is, can they continue to run the ball via the zone read. They pounded opponents up the middle and their play action passes were devastating late in the season. If Washington can duplicate the ground game with Alfred Morris, they’ll have a lot of success against Philadelphia’s defense.

Offensively, Philadelphia will spread the Redskins out. What they do after that may come as a surprise. Although Chip Kelly’s offense may look like a heavy passing offense, they’ll try to create running lanes with many different formations. This could turn into the LeSean McCoy show if all works to plan.

Big plays, big mistakes… it's what it usually boils down to when these old NFC rivals meet. So relax, and above all, stay frosty!