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Eagles beat Dallas in ESPN computer simulation… for what it’s worth

Finally the number-crunching results are in from the ESPN Game Day computer… and after 10,000 simulations, ESPN’s version of “HAL” predicts the Eagles will win, 28-27…

I know, slow news day… and a computer simulation of a game with so many variables and algorithms is about as meaningful in real time as a coin flip… But I promised you I’d follow up on that thing…

At least when I’ve got nothing I admit it.  Meanwhile other reporters are struggling for copy as the Eagles have mysteriously buttoned their pieholes and are going into deep recluse prior to Sunday’s season-defining match with the Cowboys in Philly.

Asante Samuel’s been having some fun with the media lately… perhaps the only one, since “The President” jokingly claimed Andy Reid has put a “gag order” on him in a short presser Tuesday…

Samuel, the 30-year-old left cornerback who last week in a radio interview with The Fanatic (97.5 FM) voiced his displeasure about reportedly being on the trading block, declined to follow up his remarks when given a chance. He did put his arm around a reporter and said, “I love you guys, I’m so happy to see you guys every day. I got to go to my meetings, all right?”

Then Asante quickly departed, later telling reporters as he was leaving the complex that coach Reid “put a gag order” on him.

Rehabbing DE Brandon Graham had a few words for the press Tuesday, informing them of his progress in actually practicing with the team again after coming off ACL microfracture surgery last year.

“I’m feeling good, no soreness, no nothing, you know,” Graham said. “I feel regular; the only thing is my feet hurt just from not using them for a little bit, but that’s about it. I feel good … I know that I have to get my wind up a little bit and as I play in the games it will get better. But right now I’m just focusing on what I need to do, and that’s getting off the ball, and then everything else will come later.” The Eagles have until next week to either activate Graham or keep him on the PUP list for the rest of the season.

The Eagles also appear to be getting healthier for their stretch run, as Graham wasn’t the only player returning to practice after missing valuable time. Left tackle Jason Peters and defensive end Trent Cole were back after missing the last two games with ankle and hamstring strains, respectively. Peters reported after the closed practice that Todd Herremans, who had moved over from right tackle to left tackle after backup King Dunlap went down with back spasms before last week’s game, was back on the right side.

Mike Vick was among the many players who appreciated the timing of their off week, which could have an effect on how they perform the rest of the way. “It was very good timing,” Vick said. “I’d say it couldn’t have come at a better time, and I think we all needed that, you know, just to get away from it, a breath of fresh air, and we just feel like we’re getting a fresh start at it.”

Other than those brief interview statements, the Eagles players did not have much to say prior to their first full practice on Wednesday geared for Dallas game prep.

I’ve got nothing else… it feels like that period of exhaustion after a rough game prior to the repair of tissue damage, resumption of training reps, carb loading and the eventual gearing up for the next battle…  I could use a good gag order myself.