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Eagles Fans, this is a Test!!!

Okay…no photos, no graphics…this is a test!!!  I am so grateful to the 1,200 visitors that come to this site every month! Yeah, we have a long way to go, seein’ as Bleeding Green Nation is killing us by about 500-to-1margin, based on the latest Quantcast ratings… but we never claimed to be Eagles breaking news or rumors…we are that cool mountain retreat where you go once or twice a week to clear your bird-brain… Anyway, our parent company (“Bloguin.com”) just switched over to a massive new Server…So we are just playin’ with you today to see if this new signal is getting through… I hope we can give you that Led Zeppelin breakthrough feeling, eventually, when you can sense Eagle news is one thing but Eagle philosophy is a whole ‘nother ball game…Man, thanks to Ben Koo (CEO) and Derek Hanson (Chief Analytic Officer) for hanging in on this endeavor on the network side…and thanks to all the brilliant commenters to this site (including Eagle Nut, Luke, Brizer9, Triple D, Anthony Brown, the guys from Ultimate Giants, and anybody I did not mention) who have made this mission such a joy.  I have a great new feature on the “Wonderlic” IQ test for NFL players in the queue, but I gotta see first if this new Server can handle it… Later, we really appreciate ya! ……… Tom and Alex from Eagles Eye