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We have waited a while for this, but it is finally here- the first game of the season for the NY Giants. 
(1) Final Thoughts before the start of the season- See below
(2) Phil Simms later this morning
(3) COVER IT LIVE for intragame comments CAR-NYG
(4) Wrap Up after the game

FINAL THOUGHTS: What are the questions and issues that are in front of the Giants for obtaining a 4th Ring?

On Wednesday, July 21st, we listed the ‘Major Issues for 2010’ before training camp began.  Everything said a month and a half ago still stands.  REREAD THIS LINK to review the issues.  Two notes:

(1) Depth at TE and RB is quizzical.  Why do we have only 2 TEs and (essentially) 3 RBs on the roster? I said RB would not be a problem this year because I believed that we’d have enough depth, yet here we are without Andre Brown and Gartrell Johnson as stop-gaps behind our starting 3, who ALL have shown more than a propensity to get nicked up. 

(2) The questions at Special Teams are still there.  Will Darius Reynaud be an effective return man for the Giants?  The returns teams looked like the Keystone Cops out there during preseason, so this has to be a concern.