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Mike Patterson reacts, Brizer banned at PE.com, and Fancy Football playoff controversy…

It took about 12 hours for Jason Babin to be claimed off waivers by the Jacksonville Jaguars. A total of 18 teams were interested in claiming Babin, including the New England Patriots, but the Jaguars at 2-9 got the "parity favor" and the official green light to assume Babin's contract and the $1.69 million remainder of his salary for the 2012 season.

Meanwhile, as Evan Mathis took over center position for sore-ankled Dallas Reynolds in practice, and Danny Watkins filled in at left guard, the Eagles continued to digest the reality that this team is about to be broken up.

There wasn’t a lot of anxiety in the Philadelphia Eagles locker room Wednesday surrounding the departure of defensive end Jason Babin. It was clear to the players that a message had been sent.

“I’m not too worried about it,” defensive tackle Mike Patterson said. “If it comes, it comes, that’s part of the game. We’re not going to be concerned about it as players. It was surprising. It’s one of those things. I’ve been here eight years and I’ve seen some things. You never know when your time is coming. The good thing about it is, he’s not done. I’m sure he’ll get picked up.”






Mike Patterson was right about Babin getting picked up. In the blink of an eye, Babin is a Jaguar.

Rookie protege and Babin's sucessor Vinny Curry said he learned of the move watching television Tuesday.

“It’s the nature of the NFL,” Curry said. “It’s a lesson learned for me. You just hope it doesn’t happen to you. I don’t think (I had something to do with it). I don’t control what goes on (in the front office), I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do.

“I feel like coach is leaning on us younger guys to step up and we’re going to take on the challenge and do what we have to do. I was shocked, but obviously they felt they had a decision to make. I don’t think about things I cant control, only how I can help my team and myself get better.”

Patterson seemed jovial despite the loss of Babin and laughed off a question about whether the organization was getting rid of older players in favor of a youth movement.

“I’m still in my 20's,” Patterson laughed. “I’m not old. The only thing I can do is help out the younger guys who look to me as a veteran. I don’t see (age) as something I need to worry about. We’ve seen players come and go. You never want to see it, but we have a game to play and have to continue to do what we need to do.”

Curry, a Neptune, N.J. High School graduate, will likely see more playing time against the Cowboys this weekend, as will third-year defensive end Brandon Graham, who recorded one tackle Monday night.

“I’m happy for (Curry),” Patterson said. “To go out there and play the way he did. We didn’t doubt him. He is explosive and has excitement and wants to go out there and play. You want to see that out of everyone.”


The current suspension of our esteemed GK Emeritus Brizer at PE.com is a travesty. Brizer was duped into a nefarious scheme of book-burning mentality. Someone in the mix felt threatened by Brizer's unique blend of cryptic language and symbolic reference. A harmless reference to the old SNL skit involving the term "ignorant slut" was turned against the innocent brilliance of a Hall-of-Fame poster.

Whoever thinks they may have benefitted politically through the scapegoating of the great Brizer in this manner will be guaranteed a rude awakening soon enough. The EYE will be investigating PE.com records of complaint against Brizer with a focus on motive.

Brizer has forgotten more about pro football than most of PE.com's audience has even glimpsed as a fraction of true NFL knowledge.


The good news: BRI SUKS EGG Fantasy Football League playoffs are about to begin…
The bad news: I'm still not sure who the "Final Four" qualifiers are…

There's a tie-breaker controversy surrounding the 4th-place qualifier—is it Harry HAHA or ATV's Bums? Both have identical records of 7-5.

Conveniently, league commissioner JB-Sage-Lion has disappeared temporarily and is unavailable for comment at this time.

Results of Week 12 left the standings looking like this:

Bri's Fantasy Boys (Broz)      8-3-1
Harry HAHA                             7-5
Leo's Skunk Apes                  6-5-1
Great PPW                              6-6
Hoof Heart Spiffo                   4-7-1
Palm Feathers                       3-9

Hudrock's Hoes                    9-3
JB's Bri Slappers                  8-4
ATV's Dirty Bums                  7-5
Evans head Beano              6-6
BIG BONE                             3-8-1
Jerky's Ninja Dinos             3-9

Original indications from JB's League Office were that Huddy's Hoes would now square off against ATV's Bums, and JB's Bri Slappers would meet Bri's Fantasy Boys in the first round of the playoffs. But Harry HAHA Harmonica has filed a protest contesting the originally announced seeding, claiming that his team has qualified instead of ATV's Dirty Stinkin' franchise.

The EYE will stay on this story as it develops and until the controversy is settled.