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The obligatory “new season schedule release show”— and Eagles MACH 10 ballot collection box

Ballots are starting to pour in— 10 names of guys you think the Eagles will draft next week—two correct predictions may be enough to win—you never know.

Meanwhile, the Eagles’ 2017 schedule has been released:

I love Dave Spadaro’s (PE.com) take on the whole deal:

“At first glance, the 2017 schedule is one of the most unusual the Eagles have ever been given. They open with road games at Washington and Kansas City, play four of their first six away from Lincoln Financial Field, and later in the season have a killer three weeks at Seattle, at Los Angeles Rams, and at the New York Giants.

“Christmas night against Oakland? That’s going to be a wild one. Five prime-time games, with one on Thursday and two each on Sunday and Monday nights.

“Three straight games at home against Washington, San Francisco, and Denver before a mid-November bye week? The weather should be plenty perfect for the fans at Lincoln Financial Field.

“Strange, indeed.”

The schedule is a bear, for sure. But like our own home-grown rocket scientist Palmy says, you want to test your forged steel against the hot heavy metal…or sumlin like that!

Let’s hear it from the boyz…or in this case, our old buddy Dave, who started this whole interactive intranets thing for the Eagles back in the day and for us as contributing fans:

“Does it really matter where the Eagles play or when they play or that they’re going to travel roughly 256,043 round-trip miles this season? No, not at all.

“This much we know: the Eagles have to get right into it in the NFC East on September 10 at Washington, a place that has not been very kind to the Eagles since Chip Kelly’s debut in 2013. The Eagles put on a show that night at FedEx Field, beating the Redskins and serving notice that the Kelly offense would change the way the game would be played at the NFL level – for about a year and a half. And then it all fell apart. Just like the Eagles at FedEx Field, where they lost in 2014, 2015, and in 2016.

“After that, the Eagles play in Kansas City, taking a 3-1 lifetime record at hallowed Arrowhead Stadium. Then it’s the home opener against the Giants and a road game at the (ahem) Los Angeles Chargers and a home game against Arizona, and then a Thursday night game at Carolina followed by a Monday Night Football game at Lincoln Financial Field against Washington.”

This is a tough schedule. But if it bleeds, we can kill it.


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