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Troubleshooting the Eagles’ O-Line…

The problem with Howard Mudd's complex zone-blocking scheme on the offensive line is that it is not a "plug-and-play" deal…

If a guy goes down, it's not necessarily a matter of "next man up" and rolling another guy through…

And it doesn't help that backup center Dallas Reynolds is getting blown off the LOS in certain down-and-distance formations, while 1st-string center Jason Kelce is in a hospital bed recovering from ACL surgery.

Ahh, this is the reality of Eagles football and the NFL, in the 2012 "season of the witch"…






I had a chance to browse Dave Stoessel's column over at Eagles Addict earlier today in between server outages (apparently Amazon and Google both had their Virginia servers hit hard yesterday by hackers)… Dave turned me on to some OL discussion…

Broadcast service appears to be back to normal. The bad news is, the Eagles' offensive line is far from back to normal.

Things are getting a little dicey on the Eagles OL. King Dunlap has replaced Demetress Bell for the start at LT against the Falcons this Sunday. And RG Danny Watkins is refusing to speak with the  news-mongering press (including me) as he undergoes cross-examination on his pass-pro technique. Matt Tennant has been signed after being waived by the New England Patriots, and Steve Vallos has been cut..

If you want to cut to the chase on the Eagles' problems on the O-Line, you have to digest this take from our beloved Poet, who no longer comes here, but whose comment was secretly harvested from Sheil Kapadia's and Tim McManus' blog over at Birds 24/7.com

"What's wrong is that, instead of installing certain plays to take advantage of Peters' and Kelce's uncommon athleticism, they made that the ENTIRE offense…"

"We cannot base-block… and the offense apparently has no regular running game on which to rely when we don't have a center who can pull on sweeps and block safeties, or an LT who can punch an elite DE, then run upfield and mirror block a CB…"

"Sure, you want to maximize what you've got, but building that level of scheme dependency upon specific players is nuts, because of just this reason— now Peters had a much more diversified skill set than Kelce. He could drive-block with the best of them, and even pancake opposing defensive linemen. But Kelce, for all his talents, was still subject to getting blown off the ball on straight-ahead runs, or getting bullrushed by DTs…"

"When, in the Eagles' history with Andy Reid, have they EVER been able to consistently line up and convert 3rd and short without all kinds of triple-dipple-reverses with a guard pulling this way and a center pulling that way?…It's maddening. "

A Poet speaks truth as he wanders through the desert…



(3-4)T BONE


(4-3)Chris R




(5-1-1)leo pizzini


(4-3)J Huston


(5-1-1)Brozer Eight

Well, as you can see, Bri's Fantasy Boys behind Brozer/Hamhox/Norpus/Shackleford's coaching genius have risen to the occasion. And Leo Pizzini's Skunk Apes are right there too, keeping pace with the fancy boys.

Boner and ATV are rising like a bad moon… Palmetto has issued a statement that he's still here, too… JB takes a shot to the labrum… Hud serves notice to HAHA and the rest of the league… and  former champion Jerky (whom I like/love) wallows in the mire…

That's some serious Week 7 action…I love this game.