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“We shoulda signed Jake Scott a month ago”…Fancy Football…and Eagles vs. ‘Skins…

That headline about Jake Scott actually comes from BriSuksEgg FF League President JB-Sage-Lion, who it turns out has been churning out entertaining pearls of humor and wisdom in his running commentary at the ESPN league office. I just discovered the link to the actual FF league office thanks to Sage-Lion… if you hit this link, you will be taken to a satellite world of football fun and information JB-style:


Here's a sample of JB's running commentary: "We shoulda signed [tackle/guard] Jake Scott a month ago…" [he's right!]…Former Champ Jerked Angora Rabbit wins The Bri Ass Hat for a 3rd week in a row! Amazing! 3-way tie this week…. Jerked Angora Rabbit sat Stafford and his 36… Bri Lion and Dem sat Andy Dalton and his 36…. and Spliffy sat Rivers and his 36! 3 way tie! Amazing! "Huds Strumpets coming on strong behind AD, The Muscle Hamster and his powerful D's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. boner Lion knows exactly how powerful Huddy's D is. Trust me on that one. "

And you can get breakdowns on the FF team standings, stats, players and other interesting angles. By the way, here are the current BSE Standings, broken down into East and West divisions"



1. Bri'sFantasy Boys 7-2-1 L1
2. Splunker Valley Skunk Apes 6-3-1 L1
3. The Great PPW 6-4 W3
4. Harold Harmonica 5-5 L1
5. Hoof Hearted Ice Melted 3-6-1 L2
6. Palm Feathers 2-8 L3
2. Dirty n Stinkin Bums 6-4 W2
3. Evans Head Beanstalk 6-4 W1
4. The Bri Slapper 6-4 W1
5. Team BIG BONE 2-7-1 L3
6. Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs 2-8 W1
Updated Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back to Jake Scott…

New Eagles offensive lineman Jake Scott arrived at the NovaCare Complex Wednesday in time for practice. Depending on how quickly he can pick up the Eagles' offense, he could see action as soon as Sunday against the Redskins.

"My job is to fit in wherever they need me," Scott said. "I have to be ready this Sunday."

Scott, 31, has plenty of experience. He started 121 regular-season games and nine playoff contests in seven seasons with Indianapolis (2004-07) and Tennessee (2008-11). While with the Colts, he played for Eagles offensive line coach Howard Mudd.

Scott said he sat out the first nine weeks of the regular season while waiting for the right opportunity. The Eagles' offensive line has been riddled with injuries to center Jason Kelce (two torn knee ligaments), and tackles Todd Herremans (dislocated foot bone) and Jason Peters (ruptured Achilles' tendon). Guard Danny Watkins (chronic ankle soreness) missed the last three games, though he's expected to start against the Redskins.

"It was tough sitting at home and watching on TV," Scott said. "But I wanted to wait for the right situation. This is a good one for me because I'll have a chance to play right away and this team has a chance to make it to the playoffs."

With Watkins returning to right guard, rookie Dennis "Hagrid" Kelly will be working with Demetress Bell and King Dunlap at tackle during practice this week. Kelly could get a shot at right tackle, considering Dunlap played very poorly against the Cowboys.

Kelly served as a backup tackle earlier this season before getting moved to guard. "I feel like playing guard will help me playing tackle," Kelly said Wednesday. "It should make it a little easier because now I have a better idea of what the guy next to me is doing."

Mike Vick (concussion) did not practice Wednesday or Thursday and has yet to take any post-concussion tests. Wide receiver Jason Avant (strained hamstring) will not play against the Redskins. He has not missed a game since 2008. Wide receiver/punt returner Mardy Gilyard (strained hamstring) and running back Chris Polk (sprained toe) are also out. Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin (lower back strain) said Wednesday that he expects to play.

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