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Who wants to work with Howie Roseman?

Ken Whisenhunt had his first interview with the Eagles yesterday, Gus Bradley takes his second meeting with Lurie and Howie today (Tuesday)…





Ken Whisenhunt

Word around the league is the major concern of most of the candidates is figuring out a working relationship with GM Howie Roseman.

Roseman represents a giant red flag to prospective candidates for filling that giant-sized opening the Eagles have at head coach.

Jason LaCanfora of CBS sports has written a must-read story about the perception Roseman and the difficulty the Eagles are having locking down a coach because of it.

"Say what you want about former team president Joe Banner and his quirky coaching search in Cleveland," LaCanfora wrote, "but a certain degree of chaos has seemed to permeate the Eagles building since he left. And, no longer are there out-sized characters around, like [former coach Andy] Reid and Banner, to take all the bullets when things fail. It's all on Roseman now. No more whispers about, oh, that wasn't Howie's guy, that wasn't Howie's signing, he never wanted him here in the first place."

LaCanfora cites numerous unnamed sources backing up the notion that many coaches are very leery of the Eagles because of Roseman right now.

"I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me one esteemed coach or another advised one of the Eagles' top candidates not to take the job precisely because of Roseman's presence there," he wrote. "Roseman isn't the general manager they should tie their wagon to. It's clear Chip Kelly wasn't leaving Oregon for anywhere unless he had a large measure of control over the organization, and owner Jeffrey Lurie has already entrusted that to Roseman. There has been trepidation by some candidates to go all-in given the questions about this existing power structure."

Here's the link to LaCanfora's complete article: